UP CLOSE 2022

A collection of images and small thoughts designed to offer a new and close-up view of Paola's creations and the place where the magic happens. It all occurs in the ceramic workshop where Paola takes care of the creation of each object, safeguarding within the walls of her Atelier the secrets of a technique that by nature eludes the rules.
With her characteristic simplicity, Paola teaches those who work alongside her respect for the earth and water of which her material is made, the value of waiting, the sense of roots, the love of nature.
The people who are part of her everyday life envelop Paola's work with their many and most particularly femmine nuances.
With her first book Metaphors, Paola told us about her origins and the journey she has made up till now. With Up Close she now invites all those who wish to do so to look to the future with joy and positivity, as if a fresh spring wind were sweeping away a long, dark winter.