PAOLA PARONETTO AND GIOVANNI BOTTICELLI                                    

Reflections, a concept that embraces the double meaning of the word, is the title and theme of the collaboration between Paola Paronetto and Giovanni Botticelli, an encounter between Paola Paronetto's Cartocci and young Roman designer Giovanni Botticelli's work with glass and mirrors.
The outcome of this design synthesis are two wall-mounted objects: the RING NOVA mirror and the RING AURA mirror-lamp.
In the RING AURA version, a warm light is added to the material and colour of the surfaces, suggesting an idea of physical and temporal suspension.
The chromatic harmony is purposeful and unites the two materials: the white ceramic of the outer surface is as clear as the mirror resting on a white or full-coloured interior; a second variant with distinct colour bands marking colour intervals on the outer edge provides a full-coloured mirror with harmonious, delicate nuances.
Both versions are available in a variety of colours and RING AURA is available as both an applique and mirror-lamp with bespoke cable.

20220510_GIOVANNI BOTTICELLI - PARONETTO Cartoline_B002.jpeg
20220510_GIOVANNI BOTTICELLI - PARONETTO Cartoline_B00.jpeg