Paola Paronetto was born in Pordenone in 1965.

She began her ceramic training in Umbria and Tuscany, where she learned the main techniques of working with clay and developed her first connections with a world that immediately fascinated her.  After continuous personal research and experimentation with numerous ceramic techniques and materials, she focused on paper clay.  In this way her "Cartocci" collection came to life, a rich series of sculptural objects made following lengthy and arduous procedures.  Unique pieces, that are exhibited in the finest shops and galleries in Italy and worldwide. 

She collaborates with architects and designers in the realization of leading interior design projects.  The most prestigious magazines in the sector dedicate articles and interviews to her and her work has been published in a number of books on design and ceramics.

Some of the most recent exhibitions include:

2016/2017: “W. Women in Italian Design" at the ninth edition of the Triennale Design Museum, Milan;

2017: Contemporary Ceramics Centre London (Personal Exhibition);

2018 /2019: MUMEDI Museo Mexicano del Diseño, Mexico City in collaboration with La Triennale di Milano;

2019/2021: Particle & Wave - Paper Clay Illuminated - Arizona/Idaho, The first touring exhibition presenting works of Paper Clay.

September 2021: ADI Design Museum - Compasso d'Oro, Milan. Exhibition Paola Paronetto "Metafore"